Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sunshine Award :)

Congratulations to Maznah from Malaysia (who received the Sunshine Award from Heart - a fellow blogger from my own home, South Africa!). 

Maznah's blog is a social networking site all by itself, linking people from around the globe who have a shared interest in the arts and culture. Since I was invited to do a guest post (let us consider it a forthcoming attraction for now... :) I realised that what makes her blog so wonderfully popular is this: it's a web threaded together with all the flavours and foods of the cooks of the world, and I am quite pleased to be a part of it

... and pleased to have been given the glowing sunshine award, too! Once again, thank you Maznah :)

Rawiyah is  my pen name, and I am a Humanitarian who wants to see the world and learn new languages. I am currently buying inner peace at the cost of love, smiles and small sacrifices. 

I am required to pass the Sunshine award along to 10 amazing bloggers, who are bound by the following
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
2. Tell us something about yourself
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers
4. Let them know you awarded them :)

Here they are (in no particular order), the recipients of the Sunshine Award:
1. Sakura (India)


  1. salam rawiyah.. what a wonderful surprise here for me. Many thanks to you for pointing out why my blogs attracts.. in a way- it makes me aware if it now..
    I am really looking forward to publish your recipe soon- the first from africa- wow!
    congrats to you for the SUNSHINE AWARD which you very well deserved.
    in fact i have given you a few more well deserving awards.Like how i got them,i also would love you to have them too.
    Congrats to all the lucky bloggers, who received the SUNSHINE AWARD from rawiyah
    Have a wonderful day
    hope to be able to post your recipe, sfter the pumpkin cake (guest, while waiting for yours, you must be busy with the awards now :) .do it when you are free

  2. hi rawiyah. i have already published your frikkadel recipe yesterday evening.. have a nice day, you may want put a thank you note two days time may be., :)

  3. Congratulations, Rawiyah! You deserve this award. :)

  4. Congratulations, Rawiyah on your blog being honored with the award, as well as heartfelt thanks to you for your nominating my blog for the award. It is my pleasure to accept it. But, it will take me some days to make it appear there on my blog. You will have to wait to see your sunshine shining there! Thanks once again :)

  5. hi rawiyah, your frikkadel guest post in my blog has received many interesting and great comments.
    can you please come over, fill up one or two comment box,like, you may want to thank them for their visits and comments AND answer some questions too. thanks and have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Suresh

    Yes, it does take days :)
    I had to think quite a bit about which blogs to nominate, bearing in mind the title of the award and which blogs feel sunshiny :D.

    You're always welcome

  7. @Balqis

    Thank you! I would have awarded you too had you not received it from Wan, too. So congratulations to you too, Miss Sunshine.

  8. @Maznah

    Hey Wan, i responded to the comments on the post. I hope it answered all of their questions. And yes, it IS amazing to know that bloggers from around the world are all connected, some even by blood (even if not so closely:).

    I look forward to doing one for you again.

    Take Care!

  9. So sweet of you! I am honoured and touched. Sorry for thanking very late..:)

  10. No problem... Selecting your own list of 10 is no mean feat :)

  11. Hello Rawiyah,
    Too busy to have a look at your own wall? Anyway, I have already had a post on your friendly award.
    Thank you once again. Hope you will not get bothered by lots of thanks! :D

  12. salam rawiyah. ramadan mubarak to you.
    you may want to try out this delicious briyani recipe posted by one of my guest blogger friend from india.
    its original hyderabad recipe. i believe you are familiar with most of the spices. would be great for ramadan dinner :)
    On your message regarding muzium article on cape malay, i can only give you the following link to refer :)

    would be great if you can email this dr nortier. thanks

    1. Assalamu alaykum

      This is a year late but somehow, the timing is good: i neded a briyani recipe :)